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There are zillions of PR and Marketing firms out there … all of them claiming to be the best.


We don’t do that.  We know what we’re good at and would rather say no than do a bad job or get involved in something we don’t really understand - like engineering - because that will just make our eyes glaze over!


However when it comes to the flower industry we’re pretty darned hot and know it inside out, back to front and upside down if need be.


And because we have a brilliant team of experts and many years of experience, not only can we find the right person to help but have plenty of practice in making budgets stretch to the max.


A website can only give you a taste of what we can do and what we’re like as people. So once you've had a read (there are only five pages and lots of pics so it won't take long) if you like what you see give us a call, we’ll meet for a coffee/tea/drink (our treat!) and we can chat about how we can help.


No obligation, no pressure, no waffle … just practical ideas at realistic prices.

PR, marketing and business support that doesn't cost an arm and a Giraffe's leg!

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Phone: 07956 547695

Snail Mail: Purple Spotted Media Services Ltd | Riverside Studios | 101 Queen Caroline Street London | W6 8LH | United Kingdom

VAT No: 136739489 | Registered in England: No 8084633

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