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What we charge

Unlike a lot of agencies we are quite happy to show you our basic fee structure … we have nothing to hide and anyway we think it is hugely off putting if there isn’t at least an indication of what you might have to spend.  


It’s all based on an hourly rate of £80.  Not because we earn that (sadly!) but because we need to cover all our costs and it’s easier to set a flat rate.  But it is a heck of a lot cheaper than peeps like accountants and lawyers (and we do things that are just as important) and it can be adjusted up or down depending on the complexity of the work.  


That’s why you’ll still need to get a proper quote prepared once we know what you want us to do.  However, so you know whether you even want to pick up the phone to talk to us, as a guideline here’s what we charge.

If you just want us to come in and discuss ideas and provide an arm’s length view of your business then the easiest way is to hire us on a day rate basis.  Depending on what you want us to do, and the sort of person you need, charges range between £400 and £1,000 with discounts for 3 days or more.

For clients who want all the support of a PR and advisory service on a long term basis then these are the best and cheapest options.  


You have to pre-pay three months in advance but it means you are always guaranteed a slot in our writing planner, have access to all our services, we meet up once a month or Skype if you are one of our international clients and we are ready to jump when you need us.  Oh yes and you get our mobile phone numbers!!  


How much you spend is entirely up to you and you can switch packages as seasonal demands change but prices range from £500 - £2,500 and will save you up to 30% on our rate card prices.   However each package is very personal so the first thing to do is drop us an email to and we'll call to discuss.

  • All fees are subject to VAT.

  • Retainer packages are payable 3 months in advance.

  • Consultancy is charged at 50% in advance with the balance due 14 days after completion

  • Disbursements and press release distribution and any follow up time may be extra depending on complexity.

  • A day is normally classed as 5 hours ‘meeting time’ plus travel time but excludes travel costs which are charge out at cost or at 40p per mile if driving and hotel accommodation as required.

  • In the nicest possible way we know clients can sometimes take the biscuit when it comes to their expectations of what they get.  So, whilst we will always go the 'extra mile' if we find it is becoming too out of hand we reserve the right to cease work or charge extra.  Of course we’ll talk to you about it but equally please don’t expect miracles for pennies … we have to eat too.

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Day Rate Consultancy

Long term PR Retainer Packages

Jar of Money

email: | Phone: 07956 547695

Snail Mail: Purple Spotted Media Services Ltd | Riverside Studios | 101 Queen Caroline Street  |  London | W6 9BN | United Kingdom

VAT No: 136739489 | Registered in England: No 8084633

Rate card prices for

one off trade campaigns using

All companies are entitled to one or two free stories over the year.  However, if you are looking for regular promotion, you'll need to buy out a formal advertising package of banner ads and advertorial. All prices are per item/month and plus VAT at prevailing rate.


Website advertising*

News/product story         £300 - 500 (length determines)

Branded page/section     £700

Banner Ads                     £250


** All advertising on website will include matching social media postings and inclusion in our News Bulletins as well as hyperlinks to your site.


E adverts

Branded e Ads                £850 - discount for 3+

Banner ads on bulletins  £300


Direct Mail

We don't sell our list but can arrange mailings on your behalf as long as copy and content is approved

25p per address plus post and print

Regionalised post code selected service available


Additional services

Copy writing – price dependent on length £300/£700

Project Management – per day  £350/£600